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Posted on Thursday, March 2, 2023

About Dandi

Dandi is the analytics platform for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). We exist to solve a core problem in the DEI space: data.

While data has transformed many aspects of business, DEI has lagged behind. Without it, companies have been unable to accurately diagnose problems, set benchmarks, or measure progress. Imagine trying to optimize a website without Google Analytics. This is the challenge facing DEI practitioners today.

With Dandi, businesses gain access to over 10 million novel DEI insights. Companies can run pay audits in minutes, generate annual reports at the push of a button, and see—maybe for the first time—what's really happening across the employee lifecycle.

Founded in 2018 by a team of HR, DEI, data and design veterans, Dandi’s mission is to make business better for everyone. Dandi is built by a distributed team with headquarters in New York City and Stockholm, Sweden.

Our inspiration

A world powered by data-driven DEI is better for employees. It means equal pay for equal work, and greater opportunities for everyone. These are fundamental shifts that can change careers, lives, families, and communities for the better.

It’s also better for businesses. Organizations that commit to DEI outpace their competitors on recruitment, sentiment, and profit. DEI is a powerful tool for stopping one of the biggest money-wasters in business: attrition. In the end, eliminating workplace bias and discrimination benefits everyone. DEI is not a zero-sum game. That’s why our mission is simple:

Better business for all.

Why Dandi for you?

The foundations of our business are strong. We’re backed by an outstanding group of investors who share our commitment to advancing DEI with data. We have a fast-growing roster of customers across most major industries, and a current NPS of 96.

Still, there’s much work to be done. Undermining the forces of inequality in our workplaces—including racism, sexism, and ageism—is bigger than Dandi. It will require new partnerships, policies, attitudes, and commitments across the economic, political, and educational spectrum.

We know we can’t do it all ourselves. But we can do our part. And we’re looking for others who are up for the challenge.

Our core beliefs

  • Optimism: Things can and will change for the better. Our role is to help accelerate that change.
  • Objectivity: Our data may reveal uncomfortable truths. We’re OK with that because we tell it as it is and never shy away from the truth.
  • Rigor: DEI can be an emotional subject. It’s our job to bring data and research to the conversation, so we can help move things forward most effectively.
  • Transformation: DEI is transformative. Data has the power to ignite this transformation.
  • Balance: We’re serious about data, but try not to take ourselves so seriously. It’s who we are and who we’ll always be.

Our values

  • Voice of reason
    • Data-driven
    • Directional
    • Professional
  • Eternally curious
    • Inquisitive
    • Exploratory
    • Open to understanding
  • The catalyst
    • Provocative
    • Thorough
    • Transparent
  • Intentionally kind
    • Vulnerable
    • Compassionate
    • Willing to laugh at ourselves

We’d love to share more with you how this impacts how we interact every day.

Role description

At Dandi, we are looking for our first Data Engineers to join and grow our existing core team.
As a Data Engineer, you will be working on our core systems, engines and product services using the most sophisticated cutting edge technologies to solve challenging problems that are unique to the DEI world

We have primed ourselves since day one to build one of the most resilient and scalable systems to support what we saw as one of the most interesting challenges in our careers. Our system currently processes TBs/s of data with upwards of 2m writes per second - and as we grow those numbers are ought to grow with us.

We have also built our infrastructure and systems to allow innovation - You have an idea to implement, or new technology to try out - this is the right place for you

Dandi engineering infrastructure is built on top of GCP utilizing cutting edge technologies & softwares such as Bigtable, BigQuery, Apache Spark, AI Platform & Tensorflow, Apache Airflow, K8s to mention a few

What you’ll do:

You’ll be responsible to build and expand our core systems, engines and product services:

  • Work with Apache Spark batch & real time streaming to process data at scale
  • Work with Scala microservices hosted on K8s (GKE) to support our products
  • Work with MlLib and Tensorflow on Vertex AI to solve forecasting, simulations in addition to a variety of machine learning challenges
  • Deploy new models and engines for new ideas and analyses

What you won’t do:

  • You won’t be responsible for any frontend application work
  • You won’t be managing other team members
  • You won’t work on technical debt as that is something we don’t have
  • You won’t be bored as there’s always new technologies to implement and new innovations to test

The Senior Data Engineer at Dandi is a full-time position, reports to the CTO and comes with remote, in-person or hybrid options. The Sr. Data Engineer comes with a $200,000 base salary, with 0.5% fully diluted ownership with standard four-year vesting.

Ideal background

We encourage all applicants to apply. These are the ideal skills and attributes for the position, but we’re quite open minded, so reach out! See below:

  • B.S. in Computer Science or a higher degree
  • Advanced knowledge of different non-relational schema models (Column Family, Graph, Document, Object)
  • Experience with advanced topologies and architecture design such as KAPPA and LAMBDA architectures
  • Experience in Scala or any similar JVM based language
  • Experience in Python
  • Experience with high throughput systems
  • Experience in Go is a great bonus to have


Making business better for everyone means bringing your best self to work everyday. To help make this a reality, Dandi provides the following benefits to help support you and your family:

  • Competitive salary and meaningful equity
  • Comprehensive health, dental, and vision coverage for you and your dependents
  • Paid parental leave
  • Subscriptions to One Medical and Spring Health
  • Remote and hybrid work environments with flexible hours
  • Pre-tax commuter benefits

Equal Opportunity

Dandi is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees. Learn more at