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Posted on Friday, June 2, 2023

Product Designer

(Fully Remote in the US; HQ in NYC)
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In a world where corporations are benefiting from your data without your knowledge, we believe that you deserve the tools to seamlessly put your own data to work for your own benefit.
Pogo is your agent in today's digital world. Link your data with our app and we'll work tirelessly to find you the best ways to earn and save. Whether it's on bills, fees or everyday shopping, Pogo's always got your back.
We're also building the infrastructure for you to monetize your data directly with companies (if you choose). With the disappearance of 3rd party data sources like online cookies, companies are scrambling for your opt-in.
Our data economy is broken today and it's time for a reset. For the first time, Pogo puts you in the driver's seat of your data to get you the value you deserve.
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🚀 We're growing really fast

Our app has taken off: Pogo is actively used by over a million families in America, consistently generating millions of dollars in savings and earnings.
We've found strong product-market fit: we've built one of the most engaging apps in the world with usage metrics on par with Instagram & Twitter. Our users love it: 4.9 stars across over 65K reviews!
We’ve raised $14.8m from top investors and operators, including the founders of Honey, Carta, Front and Rent the Runway, C-Level Execs of Stripe and Adobe, influencers like The Chainsmokers and VCs like Josh Buckley, Village Global, Slow Ventures, Shrug, 20VC, Night Ventures (MrBeast) and more.
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About your role 👀

As our sole designer, you'll be responsible for the product design and creative direction of the Pogo products and business. Specifically, you'll have the opportunity to:
Work with our co-founder & CPO and amazingly talented engineers to ideate, spec, design and implement beautiful features that help our users uncover more earnings and savings
Develop deep user empathy, envision how people should interact with Pogo and bring that vision to life in a way that feels magical
Iterate based on tight user feedback loops (days, not weeks or months)
Partner with our CPO and the engineering team to define the product roadmap
Support the enterprise B2B team with product / dashboard design and marketing design
Help the growth team with consumer marketing / content design
Lay the foundations for a user-centric design culture and team
💎 We're looking for the best talent out there, so we're offering above-market salaries & equity.

About you 👩‍🚀

You have exceptional product design skills and impeccable taste in visual design.
You design quickly and efficiently, using Figma to gain super powers and reach “escape velocity design”. When needed, you make near-term tradeoffs and take shortcuts - even though you have strong design vision and awareness of how to improve the product later.
You have strong user empathy without bias. You're able to put yourself into the shoes of our users - even those who may be very different from you.
You've designed product experiences from scratch and know how to bring it to life working cross-functionally with product and engineering. Major plus if you've done so for a consumer tech company (and an even bigger plus if you’ve done so at a startup or for a side project of your own!).
You have strong product intuition and have a knack for creating experiences that index on simplicity and clarity. At the same time, you're willing to re-consider your initial intuition as you get more user data.
You take strong initiative and have high ambitions, often pursuing new ideas of your own and pushing projects through from start to finish.

Why you might be excited about Pogo 🙌

Lead design for a well-loved consumer app that has a clear path to millions of users. Design and launch features that will be used on a daily habit basis by hundreds of thousands of people.
Lead the design for an up-and-coming B2B product. As our B2B demand grows, get ready to take on design for a B2B product that will ultimately be used by some of the largest companies in the world.
Design matters a lot to us. You won't be fighting uphill battles to convince people why design matters, and you'll be joining a team that values best-in-class design.
Be surrounded by amazing product thinkers: we believe product thinking is critical for everyone on our team at our stage. From our engineers and our customer support to our co-founders - our entire team has a unique obsession and knack for product thinking.
Quick feedback loops. Unlike designing enterprise software or working in big tech, launch and get user feedback on what's working and what's not in a matter of hours.
Shape our design culture from the ground up. As one of our early team members, you'll play a huge role in defining our culture as we 3x our team size in the next year.
Work on a big problem at a critical juncture in time. We're seeing tectonic shifts when it comes to data ownership, privacy and accessibility.
Join a break-out traction company: Users love our product (4.9 stars!), our engagement metrics are some of the best in the world, and we are growing XX% every month.
We're well-funded with years of runway to swing big. We've raised $15M from some of the top VCs out there and we've been generating real revenue to fuel our growth.
We're committed to creating an environment where you can do the best work of your life. Work alongside exceptionally talented colleagues who have successfully scaled businesses in the past + great benefits.
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Why you might not be excited about us 👎

Priorities may shift quickly. Oftentimes, we're tackling very ambiguous problems that don't have clear-cut answers. While we make calculated bets, we have a strong culture of experimentation and we'll pivot as necessary based on what we're seeing in the data and what we're hearing from our users.
You will be the sole full-time designer (for now!): while our co-founder, Oskar, does some of our design, we don't have the typical design management overhead or collaboration to teach you design. We're looking for someone that gets energized by learning independently (or through outside mentors we can introduce you to).
You’ll need to prioritize metrics and evidence over intuition: we take an evidence-based approach to product building Pogo, where we design to move metrics. Rather than rely solely on assumption and intuition, we test to learn in an empirical way. At times, this means we have to de-prioritize a design that looks better visually if it performs worse.
At times, you’ll need to design things in a day: we live and breathe a value called “Calculated Speed”, which involves iterating and shipping weekly, rather than spending months going through complex processes or lengthy builds. Our engineers are some of the best in the world, which means anything you design today may be shipped to hundreds of thousands of people next week.
This is not a 9 to 5 - raw hours make an impact at our current stage. This won't always be the case as we scale, but it is at the present. That said, we trust each team member to create a flexible work schedule that allows them to be most productive while accommodating other priorities outside of work. We also strongly encourage time off to recharge the batteries: in addition to unlimited PTO, we've implemented a minimum 20 days vacation policy 🌴
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